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Les cartes de bouffe chouettes de justynasroom! Not my favorite that I have made but not the worst either. More weed greeting cards posing with real weeds because summer gardening that's why.. Link in bio! Happy day 10! I'm finding it easier to eek out min in the morning before work to color. Curious when everyone is finding some time for them and this awesome challenge? This little Piggy had a picnic!! Celebrating monday with our favorite birthday pattern!

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Ends midnight on 2nd July A snippet of the Australiana greeting card collection I designed for Kaisercraft last year. The collection features 24 designs of digitally illustrated Australian birds, animals and plants. Still avaliable in stores across Australia.

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I love getting fun custom orders like this! I even made a few tags! Another fabulous entry for my birthday challenge giveaway! These beauties come from my pal c. Hi everyone.. By The Way Register at instagami. Buen dia!! Use Copics para colorear; al helado le pose glossy accents y al jumper de la nena le puse glitter con la pluma de Wink of Stella.

Que te parece? Express your love with the Flower Girls greeting cards. This beautiful greeting card shows our Flower Girl Zahara which means little flower in Swahili surrounded by beautiful flowers. Tell your loved ones how special they are with this beautiful card, there's nothing more beautiful and personal than a handwritten card to tell someone of your love, just because The Flower Girls greeting cards are part of a collection of collectible items.

There is a story about these multicultural sisters. To learn more about them and to shop for this or any of our products visit our website. Definitely an adult. All designed and handmade by me.

I can write, stamp and mail the card for you. If it's within USA, no extra cost either. If you're interested, just send me DM or email me. Check my Etsy store for more cards. Come to the dark side of Goodie Dragon My new landscapes art cards have arrived. DM if interested. Thanks for looking.

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Happy Birthday Leslie! Special words to encourage your teen or new graduate. Pictame Online Instagram Posts Viewer. Rio Rancho, New Mexico. San Francisco, California. Bellingham, Washington. Special Region of Yogyakarta. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

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Grown by: Biver Farms. Nothing captures the festive spirit of a holiday more than the decorations we hang in our homes. It can be as simple or as elaborate as we want to make it — the important thing is that we have fun and enjoy our holiday celebrations. Here are some fun and easy! It all started with cave paintings — with the need to mark special occasions. Our long-ago ancestors used whatever means available to scrape, paint, and smudge images on a stone wall. Who knew, it would last thousands of years! Things evolved over the centuries — eventually papyrus and then paper were discovered a lot easier than lugging around stone tablets.

Hard to believe, I know, but at one time, people actually wrote letters … long letters … more than characters. Greeting cards evolved out of that letter writing tradition. It was a way to celebrate special occasions. They started out homemade — pictures hand-drawn, verses composed over the kitchen table. Not much different from my long-ago cave-painting ancestors. Same primal instincts. Just two simple questions — leave a comment and let us know: 1 Do you send greeting cards? Receiving greeting cards is always a welcomed surprise!

Holidays often leave us with fond memories and lasting impressions. I remember as a child, writing valentines for everyone in my grade school class.

Putting them in a special shoebox I decorated with hearts and pink tissue paper. And then coming home from school with that same shoebox, but now filled with valentines I had received. A simple act of kindness — we left no one out — that still puts a smile on my face. This handmade card pictured to the right still has a place of honor on my fridge, even though it has been tattered and torn by years of kitchen traffic.

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It comes from a dear friend I have known since kindergarten. Thank you, Diane, for being a loving constant in my life. And though miles may separate us, I always know I have a friend in you. What still brings a smile to your face when you think about it? Share those happy memories and thoughts with us below. Kaylen makes sure to use locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible, and she is equally diligent about running a sustainable business — composting, recycling, conserving.

Good for the earth — good for our community. We recognize they are the foundation upon which a rich community culture is built and sustained … and we all benefit from that. Thies Farm and St. A time when you knew who produced your food because you shopped where it was grown. A time about years ago, when the Thies family started a legacy of supplying neighbors with fresh quality food, and expert growing advice and supplies for the backyard enthusiast. That was six generations ago, and now brothers Dave and Darrell Thies and their families have made it into so much more.

Photo by Susan Gutnik. Thies Farm now has three locations — each serving the community with fresh locally grown foods and specialty items, hearty plants and expert advice for growing our own gardens, and special events that give the entire family a farm-to-table experience.

Like all the locations, the North Hanley location at North Hanley Road , , is loaded with fresh homegrown produce available in-season as nature intended. And for family fun, bring the kids for pick-your-own strawberries available now at the North Hanley and Maryland Heights locations!