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They are:. Some energy suppliers also use the regions above to set different prices. For example, E. From 31 March , a non-domestic consumer is defined as a micro business if they meet one of the following criteria:.

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According to Ofgem:. We have put in place changes that enable micro business customers to give termination notice at any time during their contract, in order to stop suppliers requiring termination notice only during a narrow time period typically 30 days. Suppliers must also clearly state the contract end date and notice period on bills and statements of account for micro business consumers on fixed term contracts.

How to find the best electricity contract for your business

Financial Disclosure: We may be paid a fee if you purchase business electricity with Love Energy Savings or Make it Cheaper using the links on this page. This comes at no cost to you and helps to pay for us running this website. ON May exclude pass-through costs e. Variable Rate Tariffs Can offer better rates than a fixed term contract in the short term.

Greater risk if prices rise in the future, but you also benefit from any price decreases. So, who is the cheapest electricity supplier for small businesses? Electricity Prices By UK Region Like many things in the electricity market, who does what is not always immediately clear.

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Small Business or Micro Business? According to Ofgem: We have put in place changes that enable micro business customers to give termination notice at any time during their contract, in order to stop suppliers requiring termination notice only during a narrow time period typically 30 days. Summary: 3 Keys To Cheap Small Business Electricity Prices Never sign or agree to a new energy contract before surveying the current energy market landscape. British Gas. Scottish Power. Extra Energy.

Opus Energy. It is a good idea to take another look 6 months before the date of renewal to give yourself sufficient time to reconsider your options. Getting the best and cheapest business gas provider is the dream of every businessperson today. With a little care and attention you can get the ideal price best suited to your business needs. Many of these consumers received Business electricity tariff comparison from us and other Business electricity comparison sites and were able to shop for better a business energy deal, thanks to the Business Energy and Electricity comparison data easily available online in the UnitedKingdom.

Savings is the first and foremost incentive when we compare business electricity company tariffs. Better customer service and opting for greener options are the other reasons affecting Customers decisions. Switching electricity has never been this easy. This also includes the 14 days cooling period.

We encourage customers to compare commercial electricity suppliers on our tools according to their Business electricity rates and the services they provide and then move forward to a better and cheap business electricity provider such as BritEnergies. There are two reasons to do so, one, BritEnergies organizes all the details of the switch and the second since all vendors use the same pipe to deliver your electricity and there is no groundwork to do.


A few things have to be taken care of before you switch Business electricity Suppliers 15 , such as pay off any outstanding bills, arrange for the credit to be paid back to you and also take the final meter reading before switching to a more customer centric and cheap business electricity provider BritEnergies will send you reminders on the same, saving you the worry of keeping track of things in your busy schedule. You can compare commercial electricity suppliers with us and as per your requirements; we will send you quotations based on Business electricity tariff comparison and available UK business electricity supplies.

There are other Business electricity comparison sites but we offer tailor made quotations after our tools compare commercial electricity suppliers and their Business electricity prices. In addition, if you are terminating a fixed tariff contract with your current vendor based on Business electricity suppliers rates, we advise you to work out any exit fees and weigh those charges to the benefits received when you Switch Business electricity Suppliers. Business electricity rates differ if the supplier is IGT based on UK business electricity supply cost.

Business Electricity Plans & Providers

They work as smaller networks that link to the main ones. You can still get great deals from us been one of the best Business electricity comparison sites and Switch Business electricity Suppliers if your electricity comes via IGT rather than the National Grid.

However, be prepared to wait a little longer than a normal switch. Since IGTs are few and located far hence their Business electricity prices are usually higher than other Business electricity suppliers rates. UK business electricity supply cost incurred by IGT is more than the National grid so Business electricity tariff comparison is not viable in this scenario. In addition, the quotes you receive does not include the extra IGT charges and you will need to add these on top of the Business Energy and Electricity comparison costs breakup. Small and Medium UK business such as Hotels and restaurants located far off the grid have restraints and even though they Compare business electricity company tariffs, they cannot get a Cheap business electricity provider.

However, we as one of the top Business electricity comparison sites can Compare business electricity company tariffs and provide a quote for the same. Been experts in Business Energy and Electricity comparison, we have been assisting isolated businesses Compare business electricity company tariffs and get the best Business electricity rates in the market. BritEnergies is one of the leading companies through which you can do a complete Business electricity tariff comparison and UK business electricity supply cost.

Growing rapidly, it provides the best Business Energy and Electricity comparison and is named as a better and cheap business electricity provider. As your new supplier, BritEnergies will send details of when the changeover will take place, as well as provide other information such as agreed payment method and dates. It is your responsibility to check that the details are correct. Your old provider will ask you for a meter reading on the day of the switch so that they can send an accurate final bill. Business customers are not usually eligible for a cooling off period unlike the domestic customers so been satisfied with the new pricing is the best option.

Business Electricity When compared to home electricity, Business electricity plans differs in many ways You will be having tailored quotes and can have a chance for negotiation. Fixed Tariffs and their working A contract depicting the amount a business Company need to pay for its energy is known as the fixed tariffs. It mainly includes 1. Business energy Much like domestic customers, a business may well stick with the same supplier for a long time without changing. Rollover contract - is automatically renewed until it's cancelled and may not give you the best deal.

Small Business Electricity Prices (Deemed Rates)

Climate change levy Another good way of saving money on your business energy bills is to make your business as green as possible. CMA energy market investigation It might sound like the burden of making your energy bill cheaper is largely yours to bear, and this is true - to a degree.

Need more information? Business energy guides.