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Black Friday Deals*

Due to the influx of enthusiastic shoppers into city centers, the congestion was the worst that it would be all year. Early citations in the OED indicate that the term may have originated among police officers and bus drivers, who no doubt would have dreaded this traffic-heavy day. The use of this term seems to have started in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, before spreading to other areas of the country.

The History of Black Friday Started Earlier Than You Think

Historically, Black Fridays have not been appended to positive events. For instance, there have been other Black Fridays besides the one referencing holiday shopping. The other Black Friday defined in OxfordDictionaries.

The Truth About Black Friday!

President Ulysses S. Grant responded by releasing all government-held gold for sale, thereby causing the price of gold to plummet and creating a stock market panic. Similarly, the day that share prices collapsed on Tuesday, October 29, , ultimately causing the Great Depression , is referred to as Black Tuesday. Have a nice Thanksgiving weekend.

Quantities are limited and the freebie may sell out early. Updated November 25, There is nothing better to help you roll out of bed on the right foot early on a holiday Friday morning than a good sale — right? Quantities, of course, are limited.

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